The Apocalypse of Ezra


The Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible (aka Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha) were considered Inspired Scriptures by the entire Church for 1500 years before Luther separated them into the Apocrypha (Hidden) books and are referred to by the New Testament many times (including by Y’shua Himself) and were included in the 1611 King James Bible for two hundred years before they were excluded.

The incredibly detailed and precise interpretation of the Eagle from the Sea Vision is a strong indication that they should never have been left out in the first place.  Most noticeably is the crystal clear description of nuclear war included in the closing chapters of the book which could not begin to be understood until modern times.

However, this very process is predicted of this vision by the Angel Uriel when he commands Esdras (Ezra of the Old Testament) to “Hide the Vision.” The reader should consider this carefully for, though there is one prophecy in the Scriptures that is specifically sealed until the end days (Daniel’s Last Vision), this is the only prophecy that was intentionally hidden throughout its entire 2500 year history.

Thus, the Jews never afforded it a place in their Sacred Canon and the Catholics did not see fit to add it to their Deuterocanonical Scriptures and the Anglicans removed it from their canon by the 1800’s so that the Protestant Evangelicals (arguably the experts in Christian Eschatology) never made it a subject of interest and even the Masonic Bible failed to give the Vision its due so that there has been a remarkable fulfillment of the command by the Angel.

To emphasize this introductory aspect of the Vision a little more, let the reader consider that this author has been an intense student of Prophecy since the age of 14 (about thirty-five years now) and has read nearly every contemporary prophecy author in existence as well as a plethora of authors throughout Church History.

Hal Lindsey (Late Great Planet Earth, etc), Grant Jeffrey (Armageddon – Appointment with Destiny), Jack Van Impe, Texe Marrs, David Hunt, Marv Rosenthal (Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church), MJ Agee (The End Times, etc), John Hagee – what I call the Pulp Fiction Prophecy Experts – and these are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head, and this, of course, includes a large host you can find scattered all across the World Wide Web.

From Church History, you have many of the Church Fathers such as Irenaeus, Ignatius, Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Clement of Rome, Clement of Alexandria. etc. This includes some throughout Church History such as St. Ephraem, Lacunza (The Coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty) and, more recently, Arthur Pink (The Antichrist), Seiss (Com. on the Book of Revelation), Sir Robert Anderson (The Coming Prince, etc), Lewis Sperry Chafer (Systematic Theology – Eschatology), Dwight Pentecost (Things to Come, etc), John Nelson Darby (Dispensationalism), etc.

The Apex of this Prophetic Mountain Expedition was reached with George Peters’ monumental classic of the Premillennial Faith called The Theocratic Kingdom (which I read, cover to cover, word for word and critiqued – the only one who ever has to the best of my knowledge) in which he quotes from over five thousand sources from all camps – Amillennial, Postmillennial, Premillennial, Pretribulational, Prewrath, Preterist, Historicist, Futurist, Christian, Jewish, etc., and at no time, from any of the myriad sources mentioned above, have I ever heard mention of this vision of II Esdras (not even by Peters himself who actually used Esdras in his work) until just the other day (January 2013) when I picked up a four hundred year anniversary edition of the 1611 King James Bible (Hendrickson Publishers, Peabody MA, 2010 – printed in China).

I would have to conclude that this is a perfect fulfillment of the command by the Angel to hide the vision. Let the reader also consider, carefully, the Holy Spirit’s choice in revealing this vision, and its proper interpretation, to this author, at this time.

Jerome, probably taking a hint from this very vision in II Esdras, was the one who labeled them hidden (apocrypha) not having found them in the Hebrew but he left them in their Scriptural order. Luther removed them from their place and put them in their own section which was, then, subsequently removed by the Protestants (The Apocypha, Edgar Goodspeed). The only other Church (other than the Anglican) that took II Esdras seriously was the Russian Orthodox Church (New Revised Standard Version, Oxford Un. Press, 2010), which may indicate that they are also descended from the Ten Tribes as the Anglo-Saxons are (basically Caucasia is the Ten Lost Tribes which only makes sense because they were exiled into the Caucus Mountain region).

Another aspect of this hidden condition is simply that the entire Church dropped the Literal Interpretation of the Prophecies (thanks to Origen and Augustine circa 400 Anno Domini) so that Prophecy pretty much was put on a shelf for about 1400 years or so until the rise of the Protestant Evangelicals.

As far as I can tell, the only group that actually tried to interpret II Esdras was the Mormons under Bringham Young (trying to garner some of Smitty’s charisma) however, he was influenced by the British Crown on this (first Mormon Bible printed was given to the Crown who was trying to use the Mormons against the new Republic), who were vying to set themselves up as the Lion from the Woods that rebukes the Eagle and their interpretation is clearly wrong for this, and other, reasons (like the fact that Smitty died without fulfilling the vision, for starters, as did Young – oops!).

The wisdom in choosing Ezra to hide the vision is remarkably manifest in the simple fact that Ezra himself was the one who actually canonized the Hebrew Scriptures as we have them today.


Finally, when we add the Apocalypse of Ezra to the Apocalyptical Scriptures (Daniel, Zechariah and John’s Revelation) then it gives us exactly Four Apocalypses which symbolize the Four Horses of the Apocalypse (God’s Four Sore Judgments mentioned in Ezekiel and other places in the Scriptures) and they can, generally, be put in order with those four horses.

Daniel tells us more about the Antichrist and his rise then any of the other authors and thus fits the first horse of the Apocalypse which is the White Horse given much attention from the Pulp Fiction Crowd.

Ezra’s Apocalypse records the taking of Peace from the earth and the great sword which occurs with the judgment of America (and the UN with it) which casts the entire world into chaos which is specifically stated in the vision itself. We are now on the Edge of Anarchy today as that judgment begins to fall.

Zechariah’s Apocalypse records the worldwide famine that occurs with the destruction of the Bread Basket of the World and the rebuilding of Babylon based on the ancient measure of Commerce called the Ephah which perfectly echoes the famine under the third horse.

And, finally, John’s Apocalypse parallels the Death and Destruction recorded under the fourth rider when all hell breaks loose on the earth.

Now, these can not be pressed in detail for the purpose of this connection is simply to authenticate these four writings and, specifically, Ezra’s Apocalypse so as to afford it the proper place in the Sacred Canon so that people will take it seriously, as it was intended, and some process such as this was necessary due to the nature of its hidden condition over its history.

The Times mentioned by the Vision are based on the Lunar Year and start in 4182 AD with the fall and are then put on hold at the start of the call of the Gentiles which scholars place seven years after the resurrection and thus in 40 AD as predicted by Isaiah 53 (“he shall prolong his day” and they should restart circa 2013 AD) because there are only twenty-seven years left to run and that brings you to 2040 AD for the Return. *

Concerning some of the New Testament references to II Esdras – Y’shua is specifically called the Son of God in Ezra’s Apocalypse which is where John the Baptist’s father got it from. The Pretribulational Rapture is described in this vision, as is the Resurrection (and not in the rest of the Old Testament), the Birth Pains of the Messiah contained in the Revelation find their foundation here as well as a small host of other New Testament subjects. There are several references to this very Vision by Y’shua since He plays an important part in the Vision as the Man from the Sea (which perfectly symbolizes the, predominantly, Gentile Church). In this vision the Davidic Throne is specified to be “desolate” and that is the only passage in the Bible that Y’shua could have drawn his statement from about the Jews’ House being left “desolate”.

The probable excuse for the rejection of the vision by some of the Churches is the Angel calling the Messiah his son, however, this is probably a general use such as calling someone your brother who is not your actual brother or it is remotely possible that he is one of the ancestors of Y’shua.

* It is assuredly not a coincidence that starting in 2013 AD, conditions around the globe started deteriorating at an exponential rate. Arabic Spring and the Twitter Revolution seemed to have kicked off the show which was followed by the incubation of ISIL which has led to the massive immigrant refugee situation threatening to overthrow Europe as a final Muslim Jihad against the Crusaders and this has finalized in the confrontation between Russia and Turkey (which is the literal Gog of the Scriptures, not Russia). This is occurring at the same time as the social unrest in America which is apparent from the Trump phenomenon (which one sociologist recently called a breakdown in society) and, finally, all of this is also occurring at the same time that the Premillennial Faith is sweeping through the Muslim world (with millions of underground believers in Iran alone) as well as Israel (due to a fanatic Jewish extremist nearly killing a Messianic Jewish boy with a homemade bomb he mailed to them unleashing a tidal wave of sympathy for the Messianic movement) and in Christendom (with all denominations of the Church ‘dying’ except the Evangelicals who preach the Premillennial Faith).


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