Spirit of 76 by Archibald Willard

The more I study the War of Independence the more aghast I am that we actually won. 1

Some Historians get upset when this opinion is voiced labeling it as unpatriotic or unamerican however, this very question has been pondered by Military Strategists on both sides of the Atlantic almost from the time that the last shot was fired and, to this day, they still don’t know how the hell England lost or how the hell America won.

Some Historians (so Fereling) conclude it was some combination of logistics and strategy totally ignoring the prominent part that fortuitous weather related phenomenon played on countless occasions in determining the final outcome. Others (so Heironimus), not satisfied with this explanation or any other suggests the Masonic Connection of the majority of the Founding Fathers as the factor that won the war, however, this view fails to consider that there were more (and higher ranking) Masons in the British Army than in our own or that more than a few of the Masons among the Colonialists were actually taking an active role sabotaging the revolution from its inception to ensure that America would lose.

The person who was, arguably, the most qualified to voice an opinion was Washington himself who concluded our victory was, “nothing short of a standing miracle” (Fereling, pg. 526, due to an event that occurred on the way to Trenton) which is more authoritative than at first appears coming, as it does, from a Deist as well as Grandmaster of his own Masonic Lodge (Heironimus, pg. 44).

I was, originally, going to leave this study in its rough draft form for it showed the process I went through moving from a Patriotic position to that of a Revisionist position and then concluding with, what could only be called, an Expatriot  position, however, I have decided to condense this study and remove the incorrect conclusions and detours that I took along the way to present a concise history of the War and conclusively answer several unanswered questions that I discovered including how we managed to triumph over the greatest army and navy in the world at the time with the most ill-equipped army the world has ever seen which spent most of its time in retreat. 2  

I have also determined to leave some colorful language in place from my original notes for emphasis as it more accurately reflects the militant culture that soldiers, then and now, lived and died in.

Needless to say, this ain’t your Momma’s Revolutionary History…